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Art Articles

Ernie Baber: A Point of Light

A strong focal point is never the result of one brushstroke. From value to texture to color, it's the end result of a process of building and balancing all the elements in your painting.

"My painting process is centered on light and the way it leads viewers to—and describes—my center of interest. But to balance my image, I also pay lots of attention to contrasts in value, texture, color and relative opacity."

Dried Rose and Grapes (oil, 10x15)

"What you paint--your subject--can determine the character of your painting. For example, an antique vase with a long, colorful history can infuse your painting with a feeling of timelessness—especially when contrasted with a piece of fruit or a flower whose life span may be only a few days or hours."

Rice Basket and Apples (oil, 18x15)

"On the one hand, I adhere to a simple, somewhat conservative approach to painting, building solid masses of value that gradually lead to the focal point. On the other hand, I’m also fueled by a more adventuresome spirit—my passion for loose, graceful brushstrokes of vibrant color."


Click the picture below for an enlarged view.

Pre-Columbian Pottery and Onions (oil, 10x8)

Click the picture below for an enlarged view.

Bottle and Peaches (oil, 15x12)

Ernie Baber was raised in an encouraging environment in Denver, Colorado, that stressed an appreciation of the arts. After serving in the military, he moved to New York to study at the Art Students League with painter David Leffel. He then lived and studied in Europe for several years, taking advantage of the world’s finest museums firsthand. Eventually, he moved to Calcutta, India, where he studied Indian classical music and art. Baber currently lives and paints in Carmel, California. He has work in collections throughout the United States, as well as in Japan, Saudi Arabia and Europe. He’s represented by the Jones and Terwilliger Gallery in Carmel.


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