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Ernie has loved art and music since childhood, when his parents were very encouraging and supportive of his artistic inclinations. As a result, Ernie went to study at the Art Student's League in New York when he was 22 years old. He studied with Robert Beverly Hale and David Leffel who were both great influences, and Ernie began his career as a painter shortly thereafter. He lived in London and Paris, and then on to India for several years before settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 17 years. Now he lives in Carmel, California, where he is represented by Jones-Terwilliger Galleries and his studio looks out toward the Pacific Ocean.Ernie has won awards at the Oil Painters of America and Salon International shows, and has been featured in The Artist's Magazine. He makes each frame for his paintings, using a technique called sgraffito. He collects antique pottery and vases that are used in his still-life paintings, and combines the objects with fruit, flowers, and rich carpets. Sometimes Ernie has to go back to the market for more fruit... he once joked that, "The grapes were so beautiful, I had to eat them" but then said seriously, "Sometimes they're so beautiful I have to paint them."

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Ernie enjoys traveling and painting landscapes on location. His appreciation of nature shows in his landscape, portrait, and still-life paintings where his attention to detail and intuition are mirrored on canvass. He says, "The painting is a reflection of the artist's vision regardless of subject matter. I love to paint—to demonstrate the abstract qualities and shapes that make up reality."

Ernie also plays the sitar, and can sometimes be found at Kalisa's on Cannery Row in Monterey playing for the belly dancers on Friday nights.

Ernie's paintings are in collections around the world. Anyone fortunate to have one of his masterpieces is lucky indeed, as they are wonderful to behold.

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